PfSense as AP, how?

  • I have decided to give a shot and try to make an AP out of my old PC (PII@350, 128MB RAM, 2GB HDD, one 10/100 NIC, one DLink G520 Wireless card, one Netgear WGR311T Wireless card).
    I've downloaded .iso version of pfSense and burned it on CD. Later on I installed it on the HDD using tutorial from

    However, I am not clear how to setup AP. In shell I have set the same ssid for both ath0 and ath1, but I cannot see it when seaching for wireless aps using my laptop.

    Does anyone know where could I find some step-by-step tutorial on setting up ap? Something like tutorial on installing pfSense from Docs… tells me how to set it up when I get to the wireless page. But, how to get to it? I'm complete newbie to this, so please don't get mad and please be patient.

  • You first have to assign the wireless interfaces. You can do that from the shell menu or from the webgui at interfaces>assign. You should have ath0 and ath1 assigned to an OPTx interface each. Then simply go to interfaces>OPTx and configure your wireless settings there. You will have advanced settings if the interface is wireless (like ssid, wep, wpa, mode,…).

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