MultiWAN not working - pfsense-1.2.3 - RC3

  • Hi,

    I have installed a new machine using the latest snap pfsense-1.2.3 - RC3.

    I followed the howto

    My pfsense can ping the internet locally but users connected to it cannot.

    even I created a Firewall Rule and every rules as indicated in the tutorial.

    Parameter Value
    Action Pass
    Disabled unchecked
    Interface LAN
    Protocol any
    Source: not unchecked
    Source: type LAN subnet
    Source OS Any
    Destination: not unchecked
    Destination: type any

    I suppose this rule will allow my LAN to access the net, right? But not for me.

    Pinging the ISP DNS or Yahoo ip results to Destination Host Unreachable

    Hope you can give me a hint on where to check.

    Thanks and regards

  • yours looks the same as mine. Mine works..The only thing I don't see is your gateway.

  • It's working fine for me, though I'm using a snap from 9/30.  Currently aggregating 2 T1's and a DSL link in an outbound loadbalancing scenario.

  • The gateway should be the load balancing pool for the client.

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