Dual Wan failover and failback

  • Hi all,

    I want to use pfSense as dual wan router for two separate internet connection from two different ISPs.
    One connection is primary and will be always full online, the other will be only for backup and will be used only if the first one fails. I want also that when the first one has restored connection the router can make a failback to the primary connection.
    Two connection have different DNS…
    Also I have to consider that behind the router there is a Web service hosted on one host... so port forwarding must be same for both internet connections.

    Can I do all this with pfSense? Thanks for help.

    a) Internet ----> WAN1 ---->Web server  (NAT - port forwarding or DMZ?)
    WAN1 fail scenario:
    b) Internet ----> WAN2 ---->Web server  (NAT - port forwarding or DMZ?)
    WAN1 restored same as option a)

  • Yes you can do it.

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