2 DHCP Cable Modems with the same gateway

  • The cable modem connected directly to the pfsense box is WAN1, sorry I forgot to put it in the picture :( I'm able to actually get internet access through that modem, I can ping from the pfsense box out to through WAN1. When I try to ping out through my OPT1(WAN2), it says 0 packets recieved. The weird thing is that I'm actually able to access the routers webgui from my internal lan, as well as ping (from opt1) to the cable modem. If i connect my laptop to the router thats between the cable modem and pfsense box, I can ping out to I was wondering what could it be thats not allowing me to ping from the pfsense box but I can from my laptop connected to the same router? If I try connecting my OPT1 straight the second cable modem, I get the same results. If anyone can help out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading the thread and I hope someone has figured this one out before.

  • How are you pinging from OPT1? Are you using a computer on the LAN side with a firewall rule that directs traffic to OPT1?

  • Yes I'm pinging both the cable modems IP and routers IP from OPT1, I can also ping the router from a computer on the LAN side without using any firewall rules.

  • Can the router ping out to the Internet?

  • sorry it took me so long to respond, but if I plug in my laptop into the router, it gets internet access fine. It's only the pfsense that can't ping out. The pfsense box can ping out as far as the cable modem. It pings the router and cable modem fine, but I try to ping the cable modem's gateway and it just doesnt get anything back.

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