MSRDP Priority problem

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to setup the Trafic Shapper, the wizard have setup it up just right for my VoIP to work really well, even better than the VoIP Linksys Gateway "Trafic Shapper". It works really well when I use BitTorrent ou I upload full throttle on newgroups.

    Now I trying to make my RDP session (from WAN to LAN) going as fast as if I'm not using the bandwidth, I tried a lot of settings, but the result are always the same, I have to throttle my newgroups posting program to be able to use RDP.

    In the wizard I choose to put the MSRDP in higher queue, I have raised the ACK queue to 20%, I changed the priority of the qOthersUpH and qOthersDownH from 4 to 5 without results, I changed the port 119 rules to qOthersUp/DownL manually, because the wizard doesn't seem to have made it itself, since I selected to make the NNTP protocol lower priority.

    What can I do to achieve what I trying to do? I simply want to have really high priority on MSRDP over every other trafic, but VoIP.


  • Make sure RDP shows up in the qotherXXh queues. Then give that queue a higher percentage as well just like you did for the ack queues.

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