Multiple WAN IPs /28 subnet - what options do I have?

  • Hey there,

    In near future I have to replace a three-ADSL Line Setup with one fixed and two dynamic IPs  to a newer scenario consisting of
    one SDSL Line with a complete /28 Subnet and two backup ADSL Lines as backup (the two adsl lines are only 2 euros each, so, they are
    kindof free…)

    For the SDSL Line I get a router wich gives me a /28 subnet with 16 IP Adresses (including broadcast and net address).

    I could connect this router with a swicht and put my hosts without any kind of firewall directly to the internet, while connecting the lan
    by using pfsense as a firewall.

    Thats the easiest one.

    Another (more sophisticated) option is to let pfsense do some bridging + firewalling, so it brides the whole net to an internal OPTx Interface.
    The LAN gets natted to one IP Adress of the buch and go.

    Are there any other Options i got?  The Hardware Router Modem I get is some kind of Spharion/Lucent or Thomson device which doesn't do
    firewalling at all - or at least not configurable enough... So, this part should only act als a SDSL Bridge I think.

    Are there any other Options?



  • i have the same situation, what did you do?

    i dont know how to configure the line /28 in pfsense.

    i want to make nat in all the range of 16 ip adresses but i only can nat in the ip's physic interface :S

    are you fixed your problem?

  • Hi,

    My setup is pretty much the same.
    Not sure if i understand your question correct, but i'm using the Virtual IP option.
    So just entry all your IP's (excepted the main IP of the Interface) wich you have from your ISP in the virtual IP section as CARP.

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