OpenVPN error with Remote network

  • I'm testing site to site OpenVPN tunneling with RC2i. And everything works well.

    But there is an error when I try to send all traffic from client site to server site with remote network at client setting. Below is the OpenVPN logo message. I think pfsense has a problem in adding route of with tun0.

    Sep 9 14:35:45 openvpn[11907]: Initialization Sequence Completed
    Sep 9 14:35:45 openvpn[11907]: Peer Connection Initiated with
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11907]: UDPv4 link remote:
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11907]: UDPv4 link local (bound): [undef]:1194
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11902]: ERROR: FreeBSD route add command failed: shell command exited with error status: 1
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11902]: /sbin/ifconfig tun0 mtu 1500 netmask up
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11902]: TUN/TAP device /dev/tun0 opened
    Sep 9 14:35:42 openvpn[11902]: gw

    Is there any way I can solove this problem?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I solved this problme with custom option of push "redirect-gateway".

    Thank you.

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