• What's up with the package OpenOSPFD?

    It downloads and installs, puts an item on the menu. There is a service on the service page but it won't start when you click to start it.

    also when you click the ospfd item in the menu, I get a blank page. No errors on the screen, no errors in the logs.

    Any suggestions? I've uninstalled the package for now, until I get some ideas on how to correct this.

  • i'm wondering about this as well.

  • Same. If I have to build a full FreeBSD reference system and install this package from source to figure out what it needs, I will.

    But I doubt I'm going to have time to do that for a week or so.

    Also wish we had Quagga, even as I suspect this package is a fork of OpenBSD's ospfd and I really like their code better overall.

  • I can install the package in 1.2.3, but when installed, don work. A can see an error in the web interface and can't se de config sreen.

  • It's alpha. It is very good that somebody is working on it at all.
    The only good way to facilitate development is "bounty" section.

  • It is alpha, but seems stable. I resorted to configuring /usr/local/etc/ospfd.conf by hand, and found it works great and is apparently very stable for our environment (which now includes IOS and Quagga instances on the same little ospf network).

    The package for pfsense has been recently updated. During my latest install, I found it now has a complete administration page for configuring ospfd. I haven't had a chance to try it out but will soon. Thanks to the developers for this one!

  • The new web GUI covers the very basics. What I see lacking most is:

    1. Configuration of multiple areas

    2. Configuration of multiple interfaces

    I'm sure that I can edit the raw config file to suit my needs still, and imagine as long as I don't touch the web control panel that it won't be harmed. I may make a cron job that watches the file for edits just in case…

    A good resource I turn to for OSPF is here though it is very IOS-centric. Still, many of the general principles apply and often we're inter-operating our pfsense's openospfd to IOS (flawless out of the box so far).

  • There is now a status page as well.  Multiple areas are an interesting idea that I've kicked around, although I'm not sure how to handle it yet.  Multiple interfaces should work now.

  • At the point where this thread started, the package was known to be broken. It's working now, though there seem to be some issues with openospfd 4.6. If you're using it and run into any issues, start a new thread.