NanoBSD 2G upgrade 1.2.3-RC3 -> 1.2.3 fails

  • I have a 2G CF card with a standard NanoBSD install 1.2.3-RC3 from a 2G image.

    When trying to do an upgrade, it fails with:

    php: : New alert found: Upgrade failed due to the upgrade image being larger than the partition that is configured on disk. Halting. Size on disk: 926 < Size of new image: 928

    I can always re-flash to do the upgrade but I'm wondering if the 1.2.3-RC3 2G images weren't created with smaller slice/partition sizes which prevents the upgrade.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There was a slice size change after RC3 which, unless you started with a post-RC3 snapshot, will necessitate reflashing the CF card.

  • Seriously?  The only reason I installed RC3 was because I thought I could finally upgrade on embedded!  Is this true for all sizes?  I used 4G.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Well until the official release, NanoBSD was a moving target and it was not officially supported for upgrades yet.

    I know for a fact it does work with snapshots from Oct 29th or so onward, as I have tested them personally and repeatedly. I think the change in question happened in early September, and some of the image sizes were decreased after then because people reported undersized CFs.

    As of now, upgrades should work for sure, whether it will be to new snapshots, 1.2.4 if it ever happens, or later on to 2.0.

  • It looks to me (based on the error message) that the version I used had a smaller slice size and it was increased in the later revisions, not the other way around.

    In any case, I reflashed with the 1.2.3-RELEASE, restored my config and all is well.