IPSEC between PFSENSE and WIn 2000/XP client

  • Hello. I have to make a VPN conection between a station with win 2000/XP and a win2000 server through a Pfsense router. I made all settings on both computer and Pfsesne router but it doesn't. Can someone tell me how configure corectly the Pfsense router?


  • could you explain your network topology in a little more detail? it sounds like you could use pptp on pfsense to connect to the network with the windows 2000 server from your XP client, or you could have two pfsense gateways with an IPSec tunnel.

  • Yes I can use PPTP on PFSense, but I need to use IPSEC VPN. I have an Win XP client that has to connect through a PFsense router, to WIN2000 Server. The winXP client has IP from the subnet class.

  • Have a look at http://pfsense.com/index.php?id=33 (the utilities section). You'll find some IPSEC tools and a smal tutorial for one of them there.

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