[SOLVED] per user rules

  • Hi,

    I successfully configured my pfSense with the new traffic filtering function. I would like to have different rules depending of the openVPN user.
    I believe that could be done by forcing a specific IP address based upon the CN found in the client certificate. The rules would apply based upon this IP address. Is that the right thing to do?
    This can apparently done in the Client-specific configuration page. However I'm not sure about what to put here. My openVPN address is and my LAN is Can you help me with those settings?

    Interface IP
    Set this option to push an IP to the client's interface. Expressed as a CIDR range (e.g. The first IP in the range will be used as the remote IP of the interface, and the second IP will be used as the local IP of the interface.

    Custom options
    You can put your own custom options here, separated by semi-colons (;). They'll be added to the client-specific configuration.

    Thank you

  • You have to put exactly what it tells you:
    If is your OpenVPN subnet, then the first client will need, the second, etc.

  • Nice.. thank you very much. When I put in the client config, I was able to set filtering rules for the IP

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