Traffic Shaper Wizard Question.

  • Hi,

    I have a PPPoE DSL Connection with a speed of 5120/512 kbps.

    When you use the traffic_shaper_wizard.xml with HSFC as the scheduler is it better to run a bunch of speed tests at different times to get the real up & down rates or I had heard if you can just take 13% off the "published rates" from the bandwidth provider to leave room for PPPoE Overhead.

    Since my connection is not super fast and I run 2 Vonage lines thru it.. I am looking for the best way to set up.

    I also notice that when I specify 180kbs thru the wizard for my 2 VOIP connections the wizard creates qVoip with 32kbs for the bandwidth and then puts 180kbs  in the real section of the service curve.. is that correct?

    Tthe wizard sets up small percentages for the qAck & qDefault on each interface..

    In my case with up/down set at 5120/512 it creates this…

    For the WAN, qAck = 18.75% qDefault=9.375% qVoip = 32kbs (with 180kbs in real)
    For the LAN, qAck = 19.874% qDefault=9.937% qVoip = 32kbs (with 180kbs in real)

    Is that how its supposed to be to make sure my VOIP is always clean no matter what but give me the best speed possible for all the other traffic?

    Just was looking for some insight on the best way to set the shaper up so things will be smooth.



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