"DHCP Leases" Issues

  • Hi, let me briefly descibe my setup.  I am running two pfSense boxes with the latest snapshot (however this problem has occured since RC2) (P4 3.0GHZ/2GB/HW RAID1/4xIntel GigE) with CARP/psSync.  I am syncing virtual IPS, NAT, and DHCP.  I am running into an issue where when I go to the 'DHCP Leases' page, a the PHP script that processes this page jumps to 80-95% CPU usage.  After a couple of minutes, the page SOMETIMES displays, but most often it never displays and continues to hog system resources.  Ive noticed that this also happens when trying to view the ARP tables.  Could someone please give me a hand here? :)

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