New Business DSL or Business Cable

  • I plan on getting 2 Business DSL or 2 Business Cable service soon.  Can pfSense 1.2.3 aggregate the incoming and outgoing traffic to form a faster connection?  My main concern is that my outside FTP users be able to have faster downloads from our server.  We currently have bonded-T1.  Any advice or suggestion on going to the route as mentioned?  Thanks.

  • do any of your potential providers offer anything faster than a 1.5mbps upload?

    You might consider one dsl and one cable connection for the redundancy aspect.

  • most DSL circuits have very limited upload speeds due to the technology involved.  Cable service tend to have higher upload speeds than DSL but they are generally not as reliable as bonded T1s.


  • Note that any single upload or download will be limited by the bandwidth of a single link.

  • Unless you are very lucky and have an ISP that can bond circuits for you.  Very pricy :(

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