WiFi as a WAN problem

  • Hi!

    I have problem with configuration of pfsense…

    I connect to Internet via wifi. I install pfsense on my local server and on this computer (local server) I have connection with Internet. But computers from my LAN can access only to my local server.
    When I config pfsense with 2 standart LAN card everything was ok, but when I want to use wifi, local computers cant get to internet.

    Wifi is on prism (its new card, works fine on other computer), 166MHz/48MB RAM.

    Pfsens find my card as wi0 and I do this as a WAN.

    Can you help me ???

  • Make sure you are using the correct mode (most likely infrastructure) with the wificard. Also note that 48 MB RAM is not enough RAM. We only support systems with at least 128 MB. Below that amount of rum you can encounter unpredictable problems due to processes not starting or randomly killing services.

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