• Greetings
    I think this is a more port-forwarding issue than a SSH one.
    I got a Mac Server that accept SSH connection behind a pfsense firewall: all I need is to port forwarding firewall SSH access from port 6116 (external) to 22 (internal for server).
    I created a NAT and firewall rules to forward connection from port 6116 to 22 to my internal IP server, but do not work. Do I have to add some addon or enable SSH access?
    I don't need a SSH access to firewall, only a port forwarding for SSH, from port 6116 to 21 to my server.
    Eventually, OpenVPN can be a better solution to this issue, to have a secure encrypted connection? (I use this with a ssh tunnel for a VNC connection from my client to sever).

  • post the NAT rule and access rule pls.

  • here's the rules (NAT and port forwarding)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Remove the source port from the firewall rule - that is not needed and is likely the source of your problem, since it will fail to match almost any packet that comes in.

  • Damn, beat me to it :)

  • It worked perfectly!!!!!!
    Thx a lot