• Hi all.

    I installed the VNSTAT2 package and it works great. I searched tne net and found there is an option to alter the date the logs rollover or in other words, the date it consideres the first day of the month. However I cannot find the config file for the package. I want to make the 18th its monthly start so I can keep track of my usage and worked out how to do it using a config file but where is it?


  • To search for a file in shell use
    find / -name "vnstat*"

    The package do not use vnstat.conf. But you can try creating one and only add MonthRotate 18 to it.
    ee /usr/local/etc/vnstat.conf

  • i ran into the same problem, and ended up writing my own script, shared here if your interestd


    i had no idea i could change month start on vnstat with the conf file.