Dual Wan Addresses Possible on One Interface?

  • Curious-

    I have my pfSense connected directly to my cable "modem".

    I have available to me an address provided via dhcp from my provider and also one static address.

    Can I use both addresses with one interface?


  • If you have only 1 static and one dynamic IP:
    set the WAN to dynamic to get the DHCP assigned address.
    After this create a VIP for the static address.

    You cannot get multiple DHCP addresses on the same interface.
    However if you have a VLAN capable switch you can do kind of a workaround.
    Create as many VLANs on the interface as you can get IPs.
    Configure for each IP on the VLAN switch a singe port.
    You now need a second switch connected to the modem. Connect each VLAN por to the switch at the modem.
    You should now be able to get for each VLAN interface a DHCP address.

  • Thank You!  :)