• The snapshot rebuild process i well documented; we have dated snapshots and even buldlogs.
    But how about packages?
    The pfSense box looks at pfsense.org/packages

    When and how is this rebuild?

    I.e. if I see a commit in pfsense-packages, how do I figure out if it is available in fsense.org/packages

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The commits in the packages repository are available within 5-10 minutes. They are synchronized every 5 minutes, but there may be some other delay so waiting 10 minutes is safer.

    The packages repo contains some binaries, and those will be available within the 5-10 minute window, but this may not be that way indefinitely. Storing binaries in that repo is making its management … difficult.

    Most Package binaries are generally rebuilt by hand as needed or requested by a package maintainer.

  • Thank you very much for the explanation! - it is most appreciated.
    … and I think this way is great!