How stable is 2.0 for home use?

  • I'm in the process of building a new box since my old box finally died after 7yrs of continuous service. I've been using 1.x branch for the last couple of years and have been very happy with it. I'm thinking about starting this box with 2.0 from the gate.. How stable is 2.0 these days for home use? Is OpenVPN stable? If not, I'll install 1.3.2 instead. I use openvpn alot to access my network from the outside.



  • Independent of OpenVPN at the moment, what you must expect with v2.0 is that updates occupationally may fail, either with regard to one or more function and even the upgrade process itself. It is life on the edge.  If you take precautions (like keeping a known working boot cdrom at hand and a backup config on an usb drive) it is manageable for a home network (but you must be prepared to reinstall). Want a hassle free setup then 1.2.3 is your version.

    On OpenVPN, read this forum. Troublesome areas attract posts.  Best I can advise.

  • Hello,

    I am using 2.0Beta and most things work most of the time…
    but some times new things break, and sometime new things start working

    I run two boxes and stagger the updates on them - so always stick with a build that is working for the things i need
    fwiw : if you only have one box and you need it to work all the time - dont run 2.0beta just yet
    on the other hand - if you like tinkering and can work around things yourself, and no-one else needs it to work give it a whirl...
    ... Life is far more intresting on the bleeding edge

    I seem to have had issues with vpn - though not openvpn specifically
    [ the box seemed to start routing the lan traffic down the vpn ]


  • FWIW: I have only one box, but have configured three different slices:

    • one partition with 1.2.3, to use as a fallback

    • two partitions with 2.0, trying to keep at least one of them operational

    Switching between partitions can be done on the serial console during boot, or with boot0cfg -s

  • Thank for the feedback everyone… I made the step and started to mess around with 2.0.. OpenVPN work like a charm upgrading from my 1.2.3 config.. I few things dont work just right but i can live without for right now... Never thought of making slices on the HD for different ver of pfsense... Should had thought of that since I do have the HD space to make a few.. My motherboard has IPMI so i'm able to access the console anytime ;D

    I still want to get snort and squid to work on my box but i'm going to clone/image the HD before I start to tinker more... Makes for a easy recovery... I was told that everyone will be going thru a proxy server soon at work... So i'm hoping to use OpenVPN and Squid for my web surfing at work..Oh and I work in IT but our VP said no one is exempt, WTF. FB has being a problem here, I wonder why, lol...

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