• What is the status or CARP failover in 2.0 Beta1?

    I am running 2 pfsense boxes on 2.0 Beta1 for a web hosting cluster (26 vmware servers). So far 2.0 has been very stable and I have had pretty much no trouble since updating from 1.2.2

    Each box as 3 nics, Wan, Lan, Webservers…....Wan is bridged to Webservers.

    I had 2 shdsl connections, 1 to each pfsense box but ive recently gotten rid of 1 connection as ive upgraded the speed of the other connection and to reduce costs wish to run everything on 1 external shdsl connection with a /24 subnet.

    My aim is to use my second pfsense box as the CARP failover box if my primary fails.

    Is this possible yet in 2.0 because of the bridge?

    If so, where can i get the necessary docs as everything ive found so far has been for 1.2.3


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't much of any difference in doing CARP on 2.0. It should all be the same.

    The bridged interface can cause you some trouble though, as with a CARP pair that can lead to a layer2 loop unless you are using smart switches with STP. I think in 2.0 you can adjust the STP settings for a bridge though so it might be doable.

    You could also use a CARP devd hook to bring down the bridge if a system is the backup. There are instructions for that in a sticky on this board. It says CD-ROM platform in the title of the thread but my post there will work on anything.

    Also, it's covered a bit better in the book.