• All,

    I may have found another but.  I tried to input open DNS into the general page.  I used one of OpenDNS' ip addresses for gateway 1 and the other for gateway 2.  I'm not sure if I can leave these blockes with non selected and have it still associate the dns addresses to both gateways.  With this setup, no client can access HTTP but everything else works.  As a temp fix, I put OpenDNS into the DHCP server which works, but the dns forwarder can do its thing.  My other question is, does this have something to do with the DHCP Bug?

    Any ideas?

  • This is 64 bit I presume based on your other posts? Make sure you mention that in all your posts. 64 bit is missing dnsmasq so the DNS forwarder won't work. I think you can just pkg_add -r dnsmasq, that may fix it.

  • I'll give it a try as soon as i have a few minutes.  It may take a day or two.  My immediate concern is lack of multi gateway load balancing.

    As always, thanks for your help.