Wii rules straight from Sony and designed for pfSense

  • Here are the rules sony:
    TCP  *  *  192.168.xxx.xxx  28910  *                NAT Wii rule 1

    TCP  *  *  192.168.xxx.xxx  29900 - 29901  *    NAT Wii rule 2

    TCP  *  *  192.168.xx.xxx  29920  *                  NAT Wii rule 3

    Wii rules and they work for everything tired so far.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've never had to adjust my rules to work with the Wii, but then again the only online game I really play is Mario Kart.

    What rules are those? Firewall rules? Port Forwards? Outbound NAT? (if they're outbound NAT, do those also need static port set?)

  • I set these up under NAT and they where added to the firewall.  I had problems with my netgear and too other routers and ended up added there based on Sany's recommendation.  From there I reserved the ip in DCHP and it been fin ever since.  The performance is awesome.  I test for two hours after getting pfsesne setup  and had no issues.

  • my wii is having issues too!!  i only use mario kart online, and it works, but its tempormental and i loose connection everyonce in a while. i could get 5 minutes, or i could get upwards of 30min uninterupted.

    based on the above post, i portwarded as follows

    WAN  TCP/UDP  28909 - 29921 any) 28909 - 29921 Wii being the wii (reserved through the pfsense dhcp server) the rule was also auto added to rules when the nat port forward was created.  i have my outbound nat set to manual (to accomadate openvpn) with my lan rule as:

    WAN  *  *  *  *  *  NO Auto created rule for LAN

    i check with pingtest and get around a 7ms delay with no jitter and no loss.  i have tried plugging the wii directly into my adsl modem, and it worked perfectly with no issue.  i would appreciate any ideas as the portwarded didnt help (or hurt for that matter) anything.

  • ive turned on the static port option in the manual nat rules as well, and that doesnt seem to make any difference either

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