Problem booting from pfsense 1.2.3 cd image

  • iv'w just download the last version of PFSENSE from the mirror link in the download section :  - which pfsense site recomend for. then i burn couple of image's such as: pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-1g-nanobsd.img.gz  - with my cd/rom but it wont boot ! i try several image version's and several burning software on 3 diffrent computers and nothing seem to boot from cd !  what am i missing ?
    my question are:

    1. do i need to do something before the burn to cd ? should i convert the file ? or change something ?
      2)what are the diffrents version at the site ?1g ? 2g ? 4g ?
      thanks a lot

  • You need a .ISO to burn to CD.  Those are raw disk images, not CD images.

    As for (2), that was answered here just the other day.

  • thanks for your reply . but i gut something i cant understand:

    1. why they put on the download part an "raw disk images" what am i suppose to do with them ? convert them to ISO image ?
    2. wherer can i get an allready made ISO image for installation ?
      unfortuntely the "raw disk images" can't use for burn and install thing..  (why they put them there anyway..? )
      thanks again

  • The installation documentation covers what they are and how you use them.

    Following the link you posted lists 4 different NanoBSD images and an ISO.  If the mirror you selected doesn't list the ISO then post details so that it can be fixed and try another mirror.

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