Floating rules???

  • Just need a little bit of clarification on what floating rules actually are and how they work…

    I can see the traffic shaper uses floating rules to identify which traffic to shape, and in answer to a squid using the load balancer feature, a special floating rule was the solution. So from my limited understanding the floating rules are some sort of prerouter router within the main pf firewall scrubber - is that correct? If so, can a floating rule be used to effectively manage a static route from traffic originating on the pfSense box (ie an OVPN client) using pf instead of the routing table?

    Lastly, while the General page has the option of setting up a static route to pipe DNS through a specific gateway, is there any way we can use a floating rule to direct port 53 through a floating rule piping traffic to a gateway group instead?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Floating rules are rules which can apply on any interface in any direction.

    They are useful in part because they do allow you to specify the behavior of traffic leaving pfSense itself, such as load balancing and traffic shaping.

    You should be able to use a floating rule to accomplish the DNS routing you want.

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