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  • Can anyone post or point to the wireless configuration screenshots?  I've loaded pfSense a couple times on different hardware but never with a wireless card.  I assume the menu option does not even come up if you don't have it?  I'd like to see what it looks like and what options we have.

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    The options just appear on the interface configuration page. So if your wireless is on OPT1, the OPT1 page will just show the wireless options right there.

  • I made screenshots of a couple of my wireless configurations with names and keys removed.  The first one is from 1.2.3 and the second is how it currently looks in 2.0.  Note that on 2.0, some parts may look a little different depending on the capabilities of your card.

  • Nice!….thanks for those.

    How are the capabilities?  Compared to a dedicated AP, does it leave you wanting for any more functionality?

  • There are various tweaks or features here and there I can think of that are missing from the GUI, but are supported in FreeBSD.  Some of the things I can think of that I've seen or heard of on dedicated APs but are missing:  association control by MAC address (whitelisting or blacklisting), WPS, WDS, and controlling the channel width (5 MHz, 10 MHz, 20 MHz - default on non-N, 40 MHz - default on N).  These are already all available in FreeBSD, but no code has been written yet to take advantage of them from the GUI (except there may be a partial implementation of association control by MAC address that is currently disabled).

    Also there is 802.11n, which is supported as far as running the card in that mode, but I don't know of any FreeBSD drivers that have working 802.11n rate control yet, so it is not yet possible to actually use the faster speeds in that mode.

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