New build with Sata Dom

  • I'm working on a new build with Intel Atom CPU on a mini-itx board. I'm trying to use a 4gig Sata Dom I-100 but it's not showing up in the bios. It looks like there is a plug for external power but my package did not include one. Additionally it's supposed to get power from the 7th sata pin.

    Any thoughts on troubleshooting?

  • Sata drives normally have separate cables for power and data.

    I don't know if power on pin 7 (presumably the data cable) is "standard", if not the motherboard probably doesn't support it.

  • It isn't part of the standard (according to which pin 7 is ground), which probably explains why it's not showing up in the BIOS.

  • I talked to the company I ordered from, it has an external power connector that plugs into the side of it that they did not pack with the drive, so they are sending it out. Hopefully that will rectify the issue. Thanks guys.

  • good luck and check with them to make sure your not supposed to do any thing special like adjust any power settings (which I don't think you would have to do any thing like that on the headers like SATA or IDE right?) I had an IDE DOM that melted for some unknown reason…

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