Can't escape captivity with Captive Portal (pastebin config provided)

  • I'm running a brand new PFSENSE 2.0 install using the 2010-05-10 nano snapshot on an Alix box. (Not an upgrade from version 1).

    My configuration is posted at pastebin

    So far whenever my test client attached to the LAN interface tries to access the internet my browser just times out - The portal page does not load. If I put my test-client into the Captive Portal IP allow list I can access the internet fine.

    I read elsewhere on the forum that there are some specific ordering of steps to get the captive portal to work. Unfortunately I've tried following these instructions to no avail.

    Yes, unfortunately this is a double NAT situation for the moment.  PFSENSE-LAN(192.168.130.) –-> LAN(192.168.1.) ----> ISPs WAN( Would this make any difference? I can't see how it would.

    Any thoughts?

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