Multi-WAN with loadbalancing\failover and VLAN

  • Hi Guys!

    I'm currently installing a pfsense installation here (1.2.3-Release) where I'm trying to implement multiwan with both failover and loadbalancing.

    However, since I did not have any extra PCI-X NICs I've used VLAN'ing instead.

    So the config is
    NIC1 WAN -> vlan0 = WAN1 -> vlan1 = WAN2
    NIC2 LAN

    The loadbalancing appears to work just fine, when I do some traffic both WANs appear to get traffic.

    However, the physical WAN shows up in interfaces and has a gateway from one of the WANs, but no IP, and if I take down the WAN that the physical WAN's interface has as a gateway there is no failover, the connection just dies.

    However, if I take down the WAN which the physical NIC does not have a gateway for the connection stays up (logically).

    I have tried rebooting the box, and then the second WAN's gateway was assigned to the physical NIC, now the reverse happens, if I take down the WAN that previously was the gateway, the connection stays up, and if I take down the WAN that is now the gateway it dies.

    What am I doing wrong ? And is the physical WAN supposed to have a gateway ?

  • I assume you solved this on the IRC channel earlier?

  • Hi Sub.

    Sorry no, I did not quite understand the reply I got and I got disconnected several times so I might have missed relevant parts of the conversation :-)

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