Sticky connections don't work for me 20100612-0145

  • Hi,

    according to this seems to be resolved, but I can't get it to work. Using Snapshot 20100612-0145
    I have 3 wan connections. WAN0 being the default gw. WAN1 + WAN2 are grouped for load balancing.

    But when I check current states there are connections from the same lan ip to the same server (http or imap in that case) 2 times. One through wan1 and second through wan2.

    Could it be an issue with my traffic shaping setup?
    For example my http rule under floating tab only categorizes traffic into a queue, but I didn't specify any gateway. The http rule in the LAN section is configured to using the load balancer, but no queue is specified.

    Might this be causing that behavior?



  • Here's an example ruleset LAN and Floating:

    			 <max><max-src-nodes><max-src-conn><max-src-states><statetimeout><statetype>keep state</statetype>
    			 <max><max-src-nodes><max-src-conn><max-src-states><statetimeout><statetype>keep state</statetype>

    Anyone any idea why there are connections from one local address to the same external host and port utilizing both gateways in "LoadBalance" -which is my gateway group name- although sticky connections are enabled?

    Thanks very much!

  • @mxx:

    according to this seems to be resolved

    No it's in feedback, which means "needs testing" - I just did and it doesn't work (related to some changes since then), it's back to new.

  • Thnx, just wanted to tell someone and make sure I haven't done any stupid mistakes :)

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