How to view active connections?

  • Under STATUS –> DHCP LEASES I can see all my clients that are pulling a DHCP lease and their active status, MAC address, etc...

    Is there no way to view a list of the clients I connect using static IP addresses? Or all clients regardless of connection method?? seems like a pretty basic feature??

  • If you execute "arp -a" on the console you willsee all clients which recently communicated with the pfsense.
    If you look at the state-table ("states" on the "system" page) you can see all connections which are currently active.
    Also you might want to check out the various packages which are available to analyze traffic/ip.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    ARP Table is also in Diagnostics > ARP Tables

    However, that will only show systems which have recently connected to (or through) the firewall. It's not an accurate representation of online systems, for that you would need a monitoring system which actively pings/monitors PCs/servers.

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