Polycom V500 not receiving video behind pfsense NAT

  • Hi All,

    I have been grappling with this problem for a long time and searched through the forums but none of the solutions has worked so far. I'm trying to make a polycom V500 device work properly behind a pfsense firewall. I know it's a pfsense problem since it works when we tested it in the public network. It can dial the remote testing servers but I don't see the video feed from them. In the public network, it works ok and displays the test video from the other end.

    I have tried the following solutions but no luck:

    I've also tried 1 is to 1 NAT and port forwarding but still no go. I have an Asterisk box behind it and it works no problem but I just can seem to get this polycom device to work.

    At the bare minimum, I would to ask for help on how to further troubleshoot the problem. Other suggestions are also welcome.

  • I had this issue with a Tandberg, I've not tried my polycom vsx7000 through the internet though.

    I had to set the tandberg to use a nat ip of my public ip as it would only show it's internal one otherwise. Then I had to create rules for all of it's ports of course. Mine were:

    1718-1719 TCP
    1720-1731 UDP (I may have those backwards, this is from memory)
    5555-5565 TCP/UDP
    2326-2573 TCP/UDP

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi michaelahess and to all pfsense users who are encountering problems with polycom V500 and their equipment in general with NAT.

    After researching in the internet for the solutions to the problem with my device above, I stumbled upon a posting for proxy arp. This solved it generally, but I also had the following settings:

    1. created a virtual ip with proxy arp for the WAN IP of the NAT router
    2. created the port forward rules for the V500 TCP and UDP ports and the TCP port from 17xx something to the internal polycom v500 machine IP

    I do hope this will help others who have this problem. I've been trying to fix this problem for the past 2 years and now I finally nailed it. I have promised myself also to give back to the community what I have learned as a pfsense user/admin with 3+ years experience in using pfsense as a router with various services enabled for our campus network.

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