Convert a "disk drive" instalation to flash drive

  • Hello,

    I am using an old eeepc computer with an exterior usb ethernet to test pfsense.  So far it loads just fine.  However since this system uses flash for it's "disk drives", I would like to convert it to efficiently use the flash drives.

    I looked at the embedded versions, but those don't look like they work with a plain bios system.

    I have seen a bunch of references to setting up on flash, but there's not a todo list (or I haven't found it…).  I mean the necessary modifications to run a read-only mounted root filesystem with perhaps another portion that can be mounted read-write for the configurations.  I know i will need to have either some sort of swap, or even /tmp space.

    Being that it's freebsd, I kind of already expect this to run on the smallest ram footprint.  but are there other tweaks that need to be done?

    I would be happy to put this info into the wiki.  I just need to know the necessary tasks so I don't make mistakes or omissons.

    Thanks in advance...

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