Per MAC Address limits?

  • the clients get IP through DHCP.

    In 2.0, can I assign bandwidth limits to individual users using their MAC?

    I've tried using traffic shaper limits on a whole subnet and it works very well. But I would like to know if I can use it on specific MAC's.

    I have a list of "bandwidth hog" suspects.

    also, can bittorent bypass limits?

  • i don't see any option for mac address limits. you can set those specific hosts to be on persistent IP addresses with the DHCP server, create rules for those clients and apply your low priority queue to those users. the wizard has an option to limit bittorent and a catchall for other P2P ports. that may be sufficient, if not ideal.

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    If you set them up with a static IP mapping via DHCP settings, you can then use the IP they are given in a limiter.

    The limiters in the traffic shaper count all traffic, it doesn't matter what protocol it is.

  • im trying pfsense out to see if i can replace my current router with a own box with pfsense on it.

    what i have in my current router is with Tomato firmware. you might know it.
    i use the QOS/traffic scraping of tomato.

    with it i can make different groups and give them all a  BW limit up/down. and then add mac address in a list and put them in a group so that mac address has that up/down limit.

    i want to limit the traffic on all protocols doesnt matter what kind of traffic it is.

    i've been trying to find out how to do that in pfsense but i cant find out how to do that.

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    You probably want the Limiters feature, but that is only available in pfSense 2.0.

  • @jimp:

    You probably want the Limiters feature, but that is only available in pfSense 2.0.

    if it can give a global limit and a exception on certain ip/macs than i have to wait till 2.0

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