Latest snap issue

  • the latest snap this issue

    Creating symlinks…...done.
    Launching the init system... done.
    Initializing................................ done.
    Starting device manager (devd)...done.
    Loading configuration......done.
    Updating configuration...
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare upgrade_067_to_068() (previously declared in /etc/
    inc/ in /etc/inc/ on line 2193
    Starting CRON... done.
    Executing rc.d items...
    Starting /usr/local/etc/rc.d/*.sh...done.
    Bootup complete

  • Confirmed.

    The WAN and LAN was cleared.  When I reset to factory default, it boot up without error.  But after I restored my configuration from file, it boot up with the same error.

    Then, I need to reset to factory default, setup the LAN and WAN, download the previous snapshot, manual update to it, restore my configuration.


  • Should be fixed.

  • After the manual changes and confirming I could browse the internet and get to other computers, I found I couldn't ssh to the firewall even though the sshd said it was up.

    NMAP showed no ssh port.  I stopped and restarted sshd via the serial port menu system. NMAP still showed ho ssh port so I rebooted.  Still wasn't up even though it was reporting itself as up.

    I went back to the 1st September snapshot.

  • Just updated my beta4 VM at 10AM ET and this is still a problem.

  • Its not here yet.

  • OK now, thanks!

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