• My old net work was running fine with Linksys wrt54g v1.1 (tomato).  This has died and now I have a temporary dlink dir615.  Network seems ok, but having problems with wireless connections to my second xbox which drops and can't connect frequently.  Suspect wireless range as I upped it on the old linksys with no problems.  Either that or there is too much interference on the channels.

    To restore my old setup, I could buy the new wrt54gl and put Tomato again.  Or I could buy the more renowned netgear wndr3700 and be done (hopefully).

    However, I come from a solaris background and want to tinker with pfsense.

    What would your suggestions be for a setup to get stable connections (wireless and wired) to a setup consisting of:
    2x wired
    4x wireless (2 xboxes)

    Using 10mb cable broadband.

    I was looking at thin clients, alix boards etc. but don't have a clue what I should be getting.

    I want good wireless range and preferable N for future.

    Not looking to spend loads on this and need a small electrical footprint for 24/7 usage.

    Thanks for advice.

  • Go with an Alix board, they're reliable, inexpensive and rock solid with pfSense.