10-Sep-2010 05:12 Snapshot

  • Is anyone else having problems with extra interfaces appearing after doing this update?  I get two WAN's and it causes problems with internet access.

  • Appearing where? The Status: Interfaces page? The Interfaces: Assign page? ifconfig on the console?

    I'm not using the 10 Sep snapshot but I'd like to know a little more about this issue. What version are you using? i386? amd64? full or embedded?

    What have you done to try to correct it? Did you restore a config file? Have you tried deleting the interface? Have you defaulted your config and recreating the interfaces?

  • It apears everywhere as my first interface (vr0) everywhere.  It doesn't appear by the name, which is WAN. Can't configure it, rename it, or delete it.
    Do you need a screenshot?

  • A screenshot would be helpful.

  • Figured it out.  The interface was supposed to be named OpenVPN, and some of the routing tables got messed up.  Its all fixed now.

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