• Heya! Googled some and so on… But i still have no clue, is UPnP broken?

    How come my Utorrent brings this?  ??? ???

    I have opened the port specified in utorrent 14001, also i have enabled utorrents UPnP. Ofc Pfsense also have UPnP enabled.

    The firewall rules i use are block everything from everywhere except some ports. Meaning, i only allowed those ports i wanted. What am i missing? How do i fix this utorrent issue?

    Or atleast make this, destination port 14001 on lan not show up in logs?
    Also, worth noticing is the amount of them... 10+ each second

    Otherwise, great piece of software... Still amazes me after a coupple of days (:

    Picture is masked for integrity of my fellow holiday pictures pirates


  • That is the purpose of uPNP - to allow ports to be opened for the applications you need without having hardset rules in the firewall.

    Naturally, uPNP will use ports that are dynamically assigned.  To fix this issue, disable uPNP on either platform.  There are more settings that can be used to restrict utorrent itself to use only a handful of ports under Advance settings.

  • Thanks, i checked those settings before but i dident rly notice it.

    This is how i pushed my settings

    You might want to push a larger range.
    net.outgoing_port is your lower end of the range net.outgoing_max_port is your highest end of the range. Tho, i'd say you need atleast 1 port per torrent. So more than 10 is adviced.

    My private tracker apparently only allows 1 torrent per port. So less than the amount of your active torrents is not recommended in some cases.

    I assume i can now reach the clients on the other end, whom respond with UDP connections on seamingly random ports, those are also catched in my firewall logs.

    But im getting better speeds now with only the TCPs going through. So im statisfied for now. GL with your holiday pictures, pirates!

    Thanks dreamslacker <3

  • The UDP is used for uTP transport protocol.  It can greatly increase your torrent speeds (mostly for public trackers without seedboxes like private trackers).  i.e.  each torrent uses the TCP port to initiate connections and communicate with the peers.  Data is transported over uTP which is connectionless and multiple streams can be made without being limited by the single port limitation.

    However, they can be a PITA when it comes to traffic shaping since there is no real way to hard set the UDP port range used.
    You can, however, set the bandwidth hard limits to apply to uTP as well (by default, uTP is not subjected to the same limits as the regular TCP connections).