This is an Operating System ? or first i need to install the freeBSD OS?

  • I am thinking in replace a hardware firewall for this one. The question that i have is: This is an Operating System ? or first i need to install the freeBSD OS first and then install the sense ?

  • Hi there and welcome to the forum!

    There are various places to get documentation:

    your question is easily answered on the main project page ->

    To answer your question, just download and install it, it is an OS.

  • Thanks for the answer, i already download it but i dont know how to install because when i boot with the cd that i burn from the iso. Is askme if i want to configure the VPN then i respond NO, and then askme again the samething. How to install?

  • hello
    which version did you download v1.2.3 or v2.
    I downloaded v1.2.3 and it installed fine.

  • On this mirror:
    i download this one: pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-1g-nanobsd.img.gz

  • That isn't an ISO for burning to a CD.  That's a 1GB image for an embedded install on CompactFlash.

    If you're trying to do an install to a hard drive then you want pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-LiveCD-Installer.iso.gz.

  • I am thinking in replace a hardware firewall for this one. The question that i have is: This is an Operating System ? or first i need to install the freeBSD OS first and then install the sense ?

    Think of it as a preconfigured, prepackaged operating system.. like Windows 7 (or its install disk). Does this answer your particular question? :P

    pfSense is based on FreeBSD.

  • I already download the live version. I burn it on a disc and i boot. But i have a problem.
    In the bootiing up process The installer ask for hit A to autodetec the network card. i hit a. And then it said: Connect the lan interface and make sure the link is up. I do it. and the link is up. But when i hit enter, then appears again the same thing, it reuest a for autodetection of network card and then hit enter and so on. In a loop. I cannot advance from this step. plese help

  • yes, sir thanks, you answer my question. But please read my previus message i am having problems when i try to boot with the "live" cd

  • i guess i found the problem. hehe my computer dont have 2 ethernet cards. or multiple vlans configured. :) I will buy one tomorrow. THANKS!

  • Now i already install the firewall pfsense to the computer with the two cards connect, but when it finish the installation and boot for firstime from the hard disk installation then it said that the link is not up again. both cables are conected. How i can solve this issue ?

  • IF you are using realtek nics, that could be your issue. otherwise, make sure the cables are connected to something that provides power (switch router, modem, etc).

  • What is the status of the interfaces? (Please post the output of the pfSense shell command ifconfig -a)

  • This is done! But how to access the internet now ?
    I have my cable modem connected to the WAN on the pfsense machine, and the lan of the pfsense manchina is conected to my laptop. The PFsense machine assign the IP to the laptop but the laptop dont have internet access.

  • I'm prepared to help you if you give some more information to work with (e.g. answer my question in reply 12).

  • Both interfaces are working ok. I have one interface connected to the CABLE MODEM, and the other one is conected to a laptop computer. The laptop computers takes and Ip from de DHCP of pfsense. So this is ok. But i when i try to access internet using the laptop , it cant reach the internet. Do i need to configure a NAT ? o something?

    There is no default settings ?

  • Apparently some cable modems remember the MAC address of the equipment they were connected to and decline to converse with equipment with a different MAC address. If I recall correctly they can be persuaded to converse with a different MAC address by powering them off for time enough for the power supply capacitors to completely discharge (30 seconds would probably be more than enough, 1 minute if you want to be really sure).

    But you said both interfaces are working OK so I guess this isn't the problem. Maybe we have a different idea of what "working OK" means.

  • When i say that both interfaces are ok, i am talking about conectivity.
    The first interface is conected to the modem (wan)
    an the other is conected a to laptop computer. And the sense assign an IP to the laptop so i guess that is OK.

    But no internet on the laptop. We need to make a configuration for acces the internet or it suposse to work by default installation os pfsense.  ?

  • Does the pfSense host get a WAN IP from your ISP?  Did you power cycle your ISP's modem?

    Can you please post, as wallabybob has asked twice already, the output of ifconfig -a.

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