Can pfsense support a Box with a ADSL Modem and 3x GbE board Board

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    I want to put together a green low wattage computer that is basically a router, ADSL modem and computer which will be on 24 / 7 so I can experiment with software and hardware configurations to see what benefits such a system could have.

    Can pfsense handle a situation where a computer has an ADSL modem card as well as AD3RTLANG 3x GbE Add-on board. Also I would like to run at least one other application in the same box as pfsense

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  • Netgate Administrator

    Pretty much the only internal adsl2+ card supported by pfsense is the viking card:

    It is actually in internal router which appears to the OS as a Realtek network card so it will work with almost any OS.

    Other than that you can use an external modem such as the Draytek 120 which provides a PPPOE interface to pfsense so that it has a true IP for it's WAN interface.

    If anyone knows better please let me know!  :D


    EDIT: The Sangoma S519 looks like the same card:

    There also appears to be a similar card available under several names that uses an Infineon chipset for DSL where the two above use a Conexant.

  • Thank you

    The research starts.    :)

  • If I recall correctly the AD3RTLANG has a standard PCI electrical interface. There is no way you could get sustained line rate on 3 GigE NICs over a standard PCI electrical interface. You didn't state bandwidth requirements so I don't know if you want sustained line rate on all three interfaces.

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