Big move for M0n0wall (Mostly catching up)

  • Some of you may have noticed that m0n0wall has made some big moves, I guess they changed to FreeBSD 6.2 and have added tons of features, the captive portal ones probably interest me the most.  They are now supporting WISPr attributes at least to some degree so you can give users max/down per login.  Details at Not that I'm interested in switching back, but I did want to point it out to you devolopers if you didn't know already.  I would love to contribute myself, but my learning curve is slightly longer in a lot of cases.

    I was able to check out the settings with supposed bandwidth shaping limits that it imposes on a per-user basis.  It looks like it isn't the solution I thought it would be for a more individual control over users, in the GUI it reads:

    If this option is set, the captive portal will restrict each user who logs in to the specified default bandwidth. RADIUS can override the default settings. Leave empty or set to 0 for no limit. You will need to enable the traffic shaper for this to be effective.

    Sorry to ring the false bells, I do remember though that someone had mentioned something about dummynet being broken and that's why m0n0wall had waited so long, perhaps they've found a work around we can use?

  • We already are in sync on -HEAD.

    Concerning per user speed limits and such, that is not doable as long as a dummynet + pf rdr bug persists.  All traffic stops after setting up a dummynet queue when pf rdr's are in place.

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