Windows Live Messenger Problem With Dual wan Pfsense

  • Hi. I have problem with windows live messenger on my Dual wan Network Setup.

    Though I can login and chat without any problem. But most often I cant vedio chat with other person. Though when i check inside the network I can vedio and voice chat without problem. On Single wan setup i have no problem at all.

    I am running 30 pfsense in 30 different cybercafe. only 4 shop we are running dual wan setup. and only those 4 shop has problem with windows live messenger vedio chat. Sometimes i can vedio chat but most of the time cant. All the time its showing connecting but its never end.

    Also sometines even i cant see vedio calling option. i mean gray.

    All Pfsense version is 1.2.3

    So please tell me how can i solve this problem. We have to solve this. I dont like to lose benifit from my pfsense. I love it. All the pfsense works flowlessly for us. I will wait for the kind help. Thank you…..

  • Please somebody help me. I need help. I am trying everything. But i cant getting the solution. I hope anybody will give me any advice so that i can solve it. thank you