Ipsec (PSK and log) headache

  • I'm having some headache because of PSK in IPSEC:

    I added a mobile client with PSK/XAUTH and gave it a PSK say "aaaBBB".
    Added a user with usermanager.
    Reviewed the settings and PSK at the user-manager is "aaaBBB".

    Then changed the PSK in IPSEC-settings and reviewed the PSK:

    Phase 1 setting shows the new PSK: "AAAbbb"
    IPSEC PSK shows same as in usermanager: "aaaBBB". Thats the old PSK, not the new one.
    I can connect with the new PSK right, so seems to be that the PSK is changed but not shown right!

    When i change now in usermanager the PSK, its shown right everywhere. I can still connect via IPSEC with the new PSK.

  • Addition: I have 2 tunnels, tunnel A and tunnel B.

    Tunnel A is a mobile tunnel, tunnel B is a static tunnel.

    In the IPSEC-log the description is always wrong! All entries refer as "tunnel A", even if that tunnel is a mobile tunnel and not connected or connecting! Every entry is from tunnel B, which is the static tunnel!
    If then tunnel A rises, same entries, this time right: tunnel A. But never appears any tunnel B entry in the logs.
    I then changed the tunnels in the config and now tunnel A is the static tunnel, entries appear as tunnel A.
    When tunnel B rises, entries in the log show tunnel B, which is right now.

    Is the way how the log-entries are generated different when a tunnel is mobile or static?

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