Temporarily pause the traffic shaper

  • How come in Pfsense 2.0, you can't just pause the traffic shaper? Like in Pfsense 1.2.3, you can temporarily disable the traffic shaper, but in 2.0, all I can see is the button to remove the traffic shaper.

    Is there another way to temporarily disable it?

  • If you go to the shaper-page, selecht "wan" and there "Enable/disable discipline and its children". Thats it. :)

  • Does anyone know what happens to the rules assigned to the shaper queues when you disable or remove them?
    Will traffic matched by those rules  pass without problem then?

  • It works as if the shaper is not there. Tested this various times. No removal of queues in the rules necessary.

  • That's great, so I can recreate the shaper without the need of changing all the rules first..
    Thank you!

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