Dhcp correct me if im wrong

  • Hello

    i spent the evning reading in this forum and if i have understand this right the following should work

    i got 1 nic on the board wich i plan touse as uplink

    then i got a dlink card with 4 ports  on it and and with pfsense i will be able to have4 diffrent subnets running ea one for each port on the d-link
    correct? or?

    (i have made a test install and for some reason i cant assingn  the built in realtek card it does find it as re0 but not detectable in assignment any ideas on that is welcome to the d-link is found with all ports)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, that can work, as long as the d-link adapter shows itself to the system as four separate network cards, then it can be used for four (or more with vlan) separate networks, each with their own DHCP, etc.

    Don't use auto assign and re0 might work, it probably doesn't properly report its link state. If you assign, and actually type in re0, then it will probably work fine.

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