Static route with dual lan and load balancing

  • Hi
    I have a dual wan configured with load balancing working right but I have a pb with some websites using ip to stay connected, when I click on a link on the page and loadbalancing switches to the other wan, it says that my session has expired…

    How can I tell pfsense that for one website (or IP) it have to use wan1 and not wan 2 ?

    here is how I set this up:

    LAN PFSENSE                                                                                 --------NET

    For example When I use IP, I wish It only uses ====> LAN then then then NET
    Hopt I am clear enough...

    Thanks in advance

  • Create an hostsalias at firewall>aliases "unbalancable". Then add all destinations that won't work loadbalanced. Now go to firewall>rules, lan tab. Add a pass rule above your loadbalancing rule "pass, proto any, source any, destination unbalanceable, gateway <desired gateway="">. You also can do this based on destinationports like https or a portalias for example (https will most likely break when balanced).</desired>

  • It works thanks a lot  ;D

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