• Will this board work with pfsense?  Its the new AMD fusion board.

  • It has been my limited experience that brand new chipsets sometimes don't work well with FreeBSD (for example, board won't boot if USB is enabled). These problems often seem to go away on the next release of FreeBSD if the board has been available for long enough. If you are prepared to be a pioneer go ahead and try it. It should work. But if you want something that is highly likely to work with pfSense then I suggest you stick to motherboards that have been available for some time. I have read in the pfSense forums a number of reports of people seeing pfSense work on Atom based boards.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Isn't the Fusion chip a combined GPU/CPU?
    It might require a lot more work than normal new hardware to get working.


    Edit: It seems as though amd has already released opensource drivers for it though.

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