Personal Privat Security Key for pfSense SSH LogIn

  • Hello,

    i want to create private Key for SSH-Login to pfsense gui.

    i think i have to add a certificate in the cert-manager for this.

    but i found one entry:
    webConfigurator default …........

    should i modify this cert or can i make i new own one ?
    should i have to delete the default?

    thanks for help

  • hmm ok i have try it under user-manager -> authorized-key to add my privat key for ssh login,
    but it the same! i need password instead of privatkey file :(

    can someone help me to find a resolution for this

  • Are you looking for the checkbox in Web GUI:

    System: Advanced: Admin Access

    Disable password login for Secure Shell (RSA key only)

  • RESOLUTION for ssh login with PRIVAT KEY inclusive passphrase! (Offensive Security Certified Professional :) )

    with PuttyGen!

    i have make a privat key with passphrase via ssl tool in debian-linux. you can also make it in windows^^

    step two:

    load it into puttygen and copy the ssh-rsa output to the User Interface in pfsense User-Manager into Authorized-Key


    now you can login over ssh into pfsense with your privakey structure


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