Atheros 5414A problem - WNC CM11-HP (ath 5006X)

  • Hello, is there any chance to integrate support of AR5414A ???  I have a wireless main line on 9,5KM (2x Pfsense & Zcom626),but to realize this on 5Ghz is AR5213 too forceless, but WNC CM11-HP 400mw is good, but there are some running problems on pfsense (CM9 (AR5213) work good, but not CM11 (AR5414A) )

    tx for any information, how to realize this 9.5 km wifi line via the PFsense on 5Ghz.

    TX.  U can also write to

  • Just use good directional antennas on the CM-9. You should not have any problems. Also as someone mentioned earlier. try to set -burst.
    Oh, btw. the 5414 should be supported in 6.2. Please report info to the freebsd mobile list if you have issues with it. (try the snapshots as they are 6.2 based and should work with this card). you can find snapshots here:

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