Multiple XBox on one WAN and subnet

  • Hello, I am currently running M0n0Wall but have run into a bit of an issue. A second XBox has been added to the Network and I am unable to get both machines to have an OPEN NAT type.

    I done a search on this on this forum but didn't find anything on using multiple XBoxes in the same network and having an unrestricted NAT on both. However I did find a topic about port forwarding to allow XBox live but the issue I ran into with M0noWall is that you can only open up a port for one client on the network where as I have at least two that need to share the same port forwards.

    I understand that pfsense supports UPNP which M0noWall does not. Is it safe to say that switching to pfsense and enabling UPNP will solve this problem or is it a better idea to get a second IP from my ISP?

  • I use the UPnP method and it runs fine with 2 XBoxes and 2 PS3s in my home, all Open NAT.

    Just follow the tutorial in the Gaming section of this forum.

  • Most excelent!

  • Follow this tutorial,13887.msg74010.html#msg74010

    Only issue I've seen with this setup is to be sure to not turn on both XBoxes at the same time.  Turn one on, log in, then turn on the other.  When I turn both on at the same time I  run into a login problem but I believe that's a limitation on xbox live servers, not pfsense.